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FootyHooks in Action

Hook on and go

1. Gather FootyHooks and place them onto the crossbar

2. Pull the netting across to each side, just like you would pull across a shower curtain, spreading out the FootyHooks.

3. Secure the corners using your utility hook

Connecting FootyHooks to the net

1. Slide thick top cord into prongs. Ensure vertical cord hangs through gap.

2. Attach vertical cord from prongs into secondary lock at handle

Tangle-free pack up

Put FootyHooks in into the bag last when packing up your net to prevent tangling and to provide faster set up the next time.

First Time Setup

1. Attach into prongs

Slide the top horizontal cord into the prongs. Ensure a thinner cord hangs down between the two prongs. 

2. Secure net cord

Slide that same thin cord through the secondary fastening point to keep the hook in place. 

After crossbar and side posts are fastened, we recommend the net be fastened at the bottom in line with this cord.

3. Lock onto crossbar

Reach hook over and pull down onto crossbar. Hook is designed to open for crossbar and hold firmly when pulled down. 

4. Connect to Corners, Posts, and Back

Hook net corners onto posts using the utility hook on the back of your extra FootyHook. Strap net to side posts using FootyHooks premium yellow straps. Fasten the bottom of the net as usual.