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Less hang time. More play time.

Hanging soccer nets has never been easier.

FootyHooks is a patent-pending, innovative soccer accessory product that makes hanging soccer nets easy! FootyHooks provides the necessary support to assist players, coaches and parents to gain the additional reach they need to hang a soccer net on an 8-foot crossbar. 

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Hang the Net



Designed for instant setup

Gain the reach you’ve been missing without the fuss. FootyHooks remove the need to bring extra equipment like step ladders to the pitch. Perfect for solo or team setup, FootyHooks closes the gap between you and the crossbar making net setup easy.

Stays Firmly on Bar

FootyHooks flex open and clamp into place on the crossbar creating a snug fit and strong hold. Specifically designed with a secure, two-point fastening system, FootyHooks rest outside of the netting to keep clear of gameplay. 

Industrial Strength Plastic

FootyHooks are made of industrial nylon to match the strength of players and withstand the toughest equipment managers. It's the same plastic used on the bottom of cleats! UV stability means that the sun's rays have no effect. Flexibility in the material ensures that they won't crack or break during cold-weather sessions.